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Nick Cash Agencies.
Nick Cash Agencies (NCA) is a sales team representing numerous companies.  This has many benefits for both seller and buyer - some of which are listed below...
  • Reduced selling prices due to the cost of sales and marketing being split amongst many companies.
  • Buyers are able to discuss more than one company making their time more cost effective.
  • Smaller companies (quite often those little gems) get introduced to a much wider potential customer base.
  • NCA is paid from the percentage already built into the selling price for sales and marketing costs - so the service is free to the buyer.  You get the same price as if you had contacted the supplier direct.  Win win situation!!
  • NCA has years of experience in the markets it operates in.
  • Trade furniture solutions - many buyers just send us their requirements and we advise a solution.
  •  A wide range of products used in the educational, office, catering, bedding, garden centre and retail markets.
  • Products not only supplied for the retail but for operational use as well - i.e. catering furniture, entrance matting, awnings, LED lighting etc.
  • NCA have also created the first school wholesale and marketing solution.
  • LED lighting projects - take advantage of huge savings available - up to 80% savings on lighting running costs.
  • Trade only business.
All companies are monitored for performance and will be removed if their standards fall below those acceptable.

Re-sellers will be dealing direct with the manufacturer - not a middleman.

Re-sellers are not charged for this service nor will any extra cost be added to your buying price.

Re-sellers will get all the best suppliers without all the internet searching and risk taking - all without any cost!

Re-sellers get the best trade prices from manufacturers and importers.

Manufacturers and importers.
We act as your sales representative and only get paid on results.

Manufacturers are pleased to use NCA because it means if chosen they are considered to be the best in their field.

For manufacturers it is a no risk proposition and NCA will represent them in areas and markets where in the past they have not been succesful. 

Payment is by commission on sales but must be taken from sales and marketing costs already built into the selling price.


    From David Orr - Sales Director at Spicers.   

"Nick is a trusted and valued partner in our business.  He has a comprehensive knowledge of the market, products and vendors best available to fulfil a particular need.  He also understands the commercial aspect of finding a vendor that is right on price and quality, whilst ensuring their service is capable of matching your own requirements.

This is no "sell whatever I can" approach.  Nick works on a true partnership model that delivers sales growth, happy customers and healthy profits.  He is honourable, efficient, market savvy, easy to work with and results driven.

Nick is a real asset for anyone looking to work more effectively sourcing and selling office interiors, furniture and seating."

November 6th 2014.




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