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The Bubbly Bauble.

The Bubbly Bauble is an original and thoughtful gift that will earn lasting gratitude. It is cleverly designed to showcase the cork that released the Champagne bubbles in celebration of one of life's big events. Wedding, engagement, new baby, graduation... the kind you'll want to remember. For that next Champagne occasion, don't just drop the cork into a drawer to be forgotten; pop it inside the glass Bubbly Bauble with the personally penned scroll. Display it on its cork mount or hang by its chain on the tree each Christmas. The Bubbly Bauble becomes a beautiful reminder of how good life can be for everyone who shared in that special moment.



Wacky Practicals and Culina Designs.

We design and produce items that are useful in every day life. We always add a touch of panache into the mix; just because it’s practical it doesn’t have to be boring!

All of the Wacky Practicals products are made to exacting standards and are bursting with style. You can be sure that your customers will understand the quality and the uniqueness of each product - they're different to anything else on the market and sure to sell well. As an exclusive retailer, you'll be among the first to know about new and exciting innovations before they're launched.


Link here - http://culinadesigns.com/



The Alfresco Chef




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