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The idea for this was created whilst listening to many dealers complain that the only way they could sell school resource products to schools was to hold massive amounts of stock.

As well as the wholesale solution the marketing offer for dealers now is as follows...
  • Paper catalogues.
  • Branded catalogues also available.
  • Virtual catalogues (sometimes known as flickys) are also available either branded or unbranded. 
  • A portal will also be availble.
  • Selling prices are competitive with the majority of the competition.
Our new school resource wholesale partner for 2017 is being considered.

As with office wholesalers most dealers will use a mixture of wholesaler and manufacturer depending on the quantity of business achieved.  At Nick Cash Agencies we can advise when to use either of these and when a manufacturer is required we will advise one that has acceptible service levels.  

Some suggestions can be seen on the following page.

Contact Nick Cash Agencies to discuss how we can help you in the educational market.
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